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Hi there, I am an all-purpose sports photographer (although definitely not all-singing nor all-dancing - not if you value your ears or your toes) with eclectic, wide-ranging interests and a particular love of motorcycle racing.

The aim with all my images is to do my very best to make everyone - every competitor, official, fan - look like we're competing in the pinnacle level of our sport - MotoGP, World League, Olympics, etc . Using motorcycling as an example, the bikes may not be as fast, the $$$ may not be as much, the crowds may not be as big, but everyone is just as committed and even MotoGP aliens had to start somewhere. So why not make the images look as high a quality as possible? Why not make the bikes and riders look as shiny and as professional as the top of the sport?

Based in Brisbane, Australia, but willing to travel, I have also lived in the US (California for 8 years) and Canada (Ottawa for 10 years where I shot the Canadian Superbike Series for BMW Motorcycle Magazine and for the series itself).

Enjoy the slideshow of 25 or so portfolio images on the Home page or check out the Showcase galleries for a larger selection of images from the various sports I have covered so far. For further enjoyment you can browse through my nature and wildlife photography website,

I am available for freelance assignments and will work with clients in providing high quality images for editorial, promotional and other commercial use. Give me a yell if you think you'd like to work together.